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Serving our clients in admiralty law, maritime law, offshore law and personal injury matters.
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Since the founding of our firm, individuals and businesses facing legal issues have turned to Spagnoletti Law Firm for effective and diligent legal representation. Our lawyer team has decades of combined legal experience, and we have represented clients from across Texas, the U.S. and the world.


We often work with parties located in Houston and across South Texas. Yet, hundreds of our clients have been located out of state and in other countries.

We Won't Sell Your Privacy Rights To Sell Our Services

Too often, we see our competitors listing their clients and their clients' legal results on websites and other marketing material. Often it is inaccurate. We believe clients deserve more privacy.

Your case is your case. We have handled cases involving some of the largest oil and gas firms and shipping firms in the world, but we believe it's important to fully respect clients' privacy. How can individuals and organizations obtain confidential services when their legal dealings are shared by their attorneys? We don't and we won't.

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We have experience, breadth and diversity of experience and a commitment to privacy. For more information regarding your domestic or international legal matter, please contact Spagnoletti Law Firm by calling 713-659-0257 or 877-678-5864.

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