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Attorneys Handling International Aviation Accident Claims

Experienced Legal Representation Following an International Air Crash or Airplane Accident

When international aircraft accidents occur, injury victims and their families need immediate and aggressive legal help. The international laws and treaties governing international aircraft and flights are too complex to be handled alone.

The international accident attorneys of Spagnoletti & Co. have handled dozens of plane and helicopter accident claims:

  • Occurring overseas
  • Involving aircraft owned by foreign airlines and other businesses

Our aggressive and knowledgeable lawyers have obtained numerous high-value results in aircraft-related cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death. Cases we have handled include:

  • An Indian Airlines crash occurring in Bangalore, India
  • A Turkish Airlines crash in the Netherlands
  • Plane crashes in South America
  • Helicopter crashes in international waters, including the Gulf of Mexico
  • Helicopter crashes offshore rigs in international waters

The Houston attorneys of Spagnoletti & Co. provide experienced and results-driven legal assistance following international aircraft accidents. To contact us, call 713-659-0257 or 877-678-5864.

Aircraft crashes often involve multiple-jurisdiction litigation involving the laws of numerous foreign countries. Aircraft crashes also often result in parallel litigation (i.e. more than one lawsuit) involving courts in both the U.S. and in foreign companies. At Spagnoletti & Co., we have successfully handled crash-related multiple-jurisdiction cases and parallel litigation for numerous individuals, businesses and groups. For more information regarding aviation accident law and Spagnoletti & Co., please contact us at 713-659-0257 or 877-678-5864.

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