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Lawyers for Victims of 18-Wheeler Accidents

Aggressive and Experienced Texas Attorneys Handling Semi Truck Accidents, 18-Wheeler and Tractor Trailer Accidents

A personal injury case involving an 18-wheeler can involve both state and federal laws. Further, if the truck is owned by an individual or company from Mexico or Canada, the case can involve international law.

The Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyers of Spagnoletti & Co. are highly experienced in litigating domestic and international disputes, including tractor-trailer accidents. We are familiar with the numerous legal complexities of truck accident cases, including:

  • Interstate Commerce Commission regulations
  • Department of Transportation regulations
  • The insurance requirements of domestic and international traffic

Further, we are experienced in investigating and proving the causes of truck accident cases. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue and carelessness
  • Inadequate truck maintenance
  • Driver substance abuse
  • Poor hiring practices on the part of transportation companies

We can subpoena drivers' logs, maintenance records, GPS and phone records, and numerous other sources of evidence, then work with medical experts and treating physicians to build a best-possible case.

The trucking company and insurance company will have numerous lawyers at hand to fight your case, and may also try to settle the case quickly before your full injuries and loss are evident. They will be protecting their own interests, though, not yours. We can work to determine your full loss and the full value of your claim, then negotiate and/or litigate aggressively for your maximum compensation. To discuss your accident case with an experienced attorney, at no charge, please call 713-659-0257 or 877-678-5864.

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