Lawsuit Filed For Offshore Worker Involved in Platform Explosion

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Firm News, Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

Spagnoletti Law Firm recently filed suit on behalf of an offshore worker who sustained severe physical injuries on during an explosion on a platform offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.  The worker was injured a flash fire occurred due to a release of gas vapors.  The lawsuit brings negligence claims against Exterran Energy Solutions.  According to the lawsuit, the ignition source for the vapor cloud that ignited was a heater treater on the platform that was manufactured, repaired, restored, and/or installed by Exterran.  The lawsuit alleges the following acts of negligence:

(a) failing to ensure the heater treater was free from hazards;

(b) failing to properly manufacture, rebuild and/or repair the heater treater on the platform and/or ensure it was free from defect;

(c) failing to properly install the heater treater on the platform;

(d) failing to perform all operations in a safe and work-like manner;

(e) failing to take all necessary precaution to adequately warn and/or train the platform’s owner and operators regarding inspection of the heater treater; and,

(f) other acts and omissions that will be shown at the time of trial herein.

The burned worker is represented by Spagnoletti Law Attorneys Marcus Spagnoletti and Eric J. Rhine.

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