Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Electrocuted Longshore Worker

| Oct 26, 2019 | Civil litigation, Personal Injury

Spagnoletti Law Firm recently filed suit on behalf of an injured longshore worker who was injured on the vessel the Kobe Chouest.  At the time of the incident, the worker was cleaning a tank on the vessel when other workers on the vessel began to perform hot work a level above her.  When she attempted to leave, she sustained an electrocution injury and lost consciousness.  The lawsuit brings negligence claims against: Edison Chouest Offshore, Galliano Marine Service and Offshore Service Vessel.  The lawsuit alleges the Defendants were negligent in the following ways:

(a) failing to properly supervise the crew on the vessel;
(b) failing to maintain the vessel and her appurtenances and/or equipment in a safe and reasonable state of repair;
(c) failing to take reasonable precautions for Plaintiff’s safety;
(d) failing to provide Plaintiff with a reasonably safe place to work, including failing to provide proper equipment and sufficient crew;
(e) failing to properly train the crew on the vessel; and
(f) violating applicable Coast Guard, OSHA, and/or other regulations.

The Plaintiff is represented by Spagnoletti Law Firm attorneys Marcus Spagnoletti and Eric Rhine.

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