Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Following Oilfield Incident

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Civil litigation, Wrongful Death

Spagnoletti Law Firm recently filed suit on behalf of the surviving widow of an oilfield worker who tragically lost his life.  On the date of the incident, the Plaintiff was working on location outside of Midland, Texas. During his work that day, he passed out, having suffered from an apparent heart attack.  did not receive treatment for two hours after he passed out. Finally, he was taken to a local hospital where he underwent a 12-hour surgery in an attempt to save his life. This proved unsuccessful.  The lawsuit brings negligence claims against Dean Equipment Inc.  The lawsuit alleges the company was negligent in the following ways:

(a) failing to properly select, hire, train and manage Defendant’s employees;
(b) failing to properly select, hire, train and manage independent contractors;
(c) failing to implement proper and adequate safety methods and/or procedures;
(d) failing to take reasonable precautions for Plaintiff’s safety;
(e) failing to provide Plaintiff with a reasonably safe place to work;
(f) failing to provide medical treatment and care to Plaintiff; and,
(g) failing to properly and adequately provide safety training, planning, and information to Defendant’s employees in the event emergency medical care was needed.

The Plaintiff is represented by firm attorneys Marcus Spagnoletti and Eric J. Rhine.

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