BSEE Report Issued for Offshore Oil Platform Crane Accident

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its Investigative Report on the incident that occurred on the platform located at South Marsh Island (SM) Block 149D on February 17, 2020.  The platform is owned by Fieldwood Energy.  During the incident, a Warrior Energy Service (WES) Electric Line helper sustained an injury when a piece of tubular piping was dropped during a crane lift.

The BSEE report, explains:

The platform crane lifted the 1.25-inch pipe and a WES E/L Helper tailed the tubular with a piece of rope. As one end of the tubular lifted vertically, the tubular slipped through the closed elevators and fell back bouncing off the pipe rack and landing on the top of the E/L Helper’s right foot.

The BSEE report determined the contributing causes of the incident:

BSEE’s post investigation into this incident revealed the following contributing causes: 1) the elevators were pre-equipped for the wrong size pipe scheduled for the job; 2) inadequate pre-job planning for the determination of the correct elevator dies; 3) the “C” plate was incorrectly installed that masked the 1.5-inch size stamp on the “C” plate that is used visually to identify the size of the elevator dies installed and; 4) the elevators were not inspected prior to deployment in the field nor were the elevators inspected in the field.

BSEE also issued an Incident of Noncompliance to Fieldwood:

Based on the incident investigation findings, a G-110 Incident of Noncompliance (INC) is issued to document that Fieldwood Energy LLC., (Fieldwood) failed to oversee that operations were performed in a safe and workmanlike manner on Fieldwood’s platform located at South Marsh Island Block 149D.

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