Deadly Accident at Evergreen Packaging Mill

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Industrial Accident, Wrongful Death

A deadly fire Monday morning at a paper mill in Canton, North Carolina has resulted in the death of two contractors.  According to the manager of the mill, the fire broke out during routine maintenance that was occurring at the mill.  The maintenance was taking place while the mill was supposed to be shut down to allow the work to safely occur.  The deadly fire will be investigated by North Carolina’s Department of Labor.  The identities of the two contractors who were killed had not yet been released.  The mill is owned and operated by Evergreen Packaging.  The mill first opened in 1908.

Large industrial and manufacturing plants can pose increased risks both to workers at the facilities and to the general public.  When dangerous work is performed, extra precautions must be taken.  During routine maintenance, safe companies must ensure that safety precautions are followed.  Recommended practices include lock-out tag-out guidelines, and a restriction on any hot work that may be performed.  Not only can an incident like this result in a catastrophic impact on the environment, but it can also result in a loss of life.

Those touched by this disaster should know their legal rights and remedies, and act quickly to preserve them. Our attorneys have extensive experience in cases involving industrial and plant personal injury and wrongful death, including those caused by fires and explosions. The firm has experience in courts across the country and the skills needed to represent the families of loved ones who have lost their lives as a result of the negligence of another party, or been seriously injured. The firm has attorneys licensed in Florida, Texas, and New York who can zealously represent those who have been injured as the result of the negligence of another party.

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