Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed for Seaman’s Widow and Minor Child

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Civil litigation, Wrongful Death

Spagnoletti Law Firm recently filed suit on behalf of the widow and minor child of a deceased seaman, who tragically lost his life while performing maritime work.  The deceased died while trying to board a vessel that lacked proper equipment, specifically a gangway to allow safe ingress onto the vessel.  At the time, the vessel was in port while work was being done to prepare it for operations.  The worker lost his life as a result of the shipowner’s failure to provide adequate equipment on the vessel.  The Plaintiff is represented by Marcus Spagnoletti and Eric J. Rhine.

The custom and practice of the maritime industry requires vessel owners, managers, and captains to make all reasonable and appropriate efforts to provide a safe working environment for their crewmembers and visitors by providing safe access to and from their vessels.  The location of, or lack of, a gangway—or other safe means of access—should be well-lit and obvious to someone approaching the vessel from the dock. The owner of the ship had a responsibility to protect the deceased seaman’s safety by providing him with a well-lit gangway, or, if a gangway was not deployed, warning him and his coworkers, and, at the very least asking them to wait until the gangway had been deployed.  Tragically, this did not occur, and a father and husband lost his life.

The attorneys of Spagnoletti Law Firm have extensive experience representing those who have lost loved ones, or been seriously injured while working on a vessel, as a result of the negligence of others. Spagnoletti Law Firm has lawyers admitted to practice in Texas, Florida and New York, and has handled wrongful death lawsuits of all variety throughout the country.

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