NTSB Issues Report on Sinking of Towing Vessel Mangilao

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Maritime Law

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its investigative report on the August, 2019 incident when the towing vessel Mangilao sank.  At the time, the vessel was being towed 800 miles northwest of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, en route to a drydock in Subic Bay, Philippines.  The vessel’s towline broke, and the vessel eventually took on water before sinking.

The NTSB’s report indicated the probable cause of the incident:

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the sinking of the Mangilao was the failure of the Chamorro’s towing arrangement due to the loss of a towline shackle pin, which left the Mangilao adrift and resulted in the ingress of water from boarding seas in a developing typhoon.

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