The risks of working on a ship aren’t always what you imagine

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Maritime Law

If you’re thinking of starting a career working on a ship, perhaps helping to ferry cargo all over the world or just between domestic ports, one thing you want to think of is the potential for injury on the job. There are some unique risks that you must face and you could suffer serious injuries in an accident. 

Now, when most people begin thinking of the risks, they mention things like getting caught in a storm, getting trapped at sea, or getting thrown overboard. While these things do happen, they are uncommon and modern shipping vessels are actually quite safe. The odds of a ship going down, capsizing or running aground are tremendously low. 

Machine risks

That said, you do face some major risks onboard that go beyond the weather or sea conditions. You could get injured by heavy machinery, for instance, such as getting your fingers caught in a machine or crushed between two shipping containers. These are similar to the risks faced by factory workers or construction workers. Any large machine poses a potential threat. 

Another issue is that these ships use massive hooks, attached to cranes with cables, that can lift and move the shipping containers. If another worker makes a mistake or if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be struck by one of these hooks. 

Seeking proper compensation

Despite the risks, working on a ship can be very rewarding and may lead to a nice career. If you do decide to go into this field, though, be sure you know what rights you have to compensation if you get injured