TSB Issues Report on Port of Vancouver Crane Collapse

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Maritime Law

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has released an investigative report on the 2019 cargo ship collision and crane collapse at the Port of Vancouver. During the incident,  the container vessel Ever Summit hit a crane while being piloted into the Vanterm terminal.  After it was struck, the crane arm collapsed over the stern of the ship.

The TSB’s report faults the captain of the vessel:

The master and the bridge team were relying on the pilot to safely manoeuvre the vessel into the berth and were focused primarily on monitoring the vessel’s position and carrying out orders given by the pilot. As a result, they were not monitoring the pilot’s commands to the tugs and were not in a position to help identify the deteriorating situation.

The report also identified a number of safety concerns:

  1. If standardized communications are not used between pilots and tug masters, errors in tug commands will continue, increasing the risk of accidents.
  2. If effective bridge resource management is not maintained by bridge teams, including pilots and tug masters, there is a risk that errors will go undetected.
  3. If a berth’s infrastructure is not appropriate for the size of vessels berthing at a terminal, additional hazards may be introduced into berthing operations, increasing the risk of accidents.
  4. If terminal limitations on maximum vessel size are not comprehensive, berthing vessels and infrastructure may be placed at risk.
  5. If hazards associated with the increase in size of container vessels in relation to existing terminal infrastructure are not adequately mitigated, there is an increased risk of accidents while berthing these vessels.

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