Common risks oil rig workers face

| Mar 26, 2021 | Offshore accidents

Working on an oil rig is a physically demanding job that comes with very serious risks. It’s imperative that the workers, as well as their employer, understand the risks that they face. This can help them to implement  safety protocols on the oil rigs to reduce the chances of workers suffering injuries.

Slips and falls

Surfaces are often slick on a derrick. Even if the worker has slip-resistant shoes, there is a still a chance that mud or oil could coat the floor and cause someone to slip. Walking carefully and paying close attention to the path is advisable. Keeping the rig clean is also important.

Falling objects

Objects falling from above is a common occurrence on oil rig. This is partly because of the vibrations from the drilling operations. Attaching brackets and making sure that all tools are  secured and put away prevents them from becoming projectiles that injure or even kill workers.

Explosions and fires

The flammable gasses and other substances that are produced and used on oil rigs can lead to explosions or fires. Because oil rigs are very limited on space, these can quickly become catastrophic. It’s imperative that workers pay close attention to safety protocols and that the employers demand that strict adherence.

Workers on an oil rig may need medical care if they suffer injuries. This care may be delayed due to the location of the rig. These workers should realize that they have options available to cover the cost of that medical care, as well as other expenses related to the injury. Working with an attorney who is familiar with litigating oil rig injuries can be  beneficial.