Handling Kidnapping And Ransom Claims

Ten years ago, the word “pirate” conjured up images of classic Caribbean pirates of earlier days. Now, however, the problem of modern pirates is growing, along with the public’s awareness of pirates in the Indian Ocean and employee kidnapping in countries like Iraq, Colombia and other nations.

Kidnappings can lead to more than horrific news stories. They can lead to lawsuits. Piracy and kidnapping claims most often involve suits between:

  • The kidnapping victim and his or her employer
  • The kidnapping victim and his or her employer’s insurer

At the Houston, Texas, law firm of Spagnoletti Law Firm, we have handled numerous cases involving kidnapping.

If you are involved in a kidnapping claim involving an overseas worker or workers held for ransom, contact our firm. Our lawyers can analyze the kidnap and ransom provisions in the applicable insurance policies, and provide knowledgeable and strategic counsel and representation.

Corporations have a duty of care to their workers, and insurers need to adhere to policy terms. When employers and insurers do not facilitate the immediate release of workers, it is advisable to investigate legal options. For more information, please contact our firm by calling 713-804-9306 or .