Hurricane Sandy Claims

Spagnoletti Law Firm is a South Texas-based law firm that boasts a legal team of attorneys combining over Decades of experience. They provide effective and legal representation outside of Texas, specifically to United States residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy affected the northeastern United States, Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Caribbean. The intensity of 90-mile-per-hour winds and the large amount of heavy snow crippled the East Coast. Clean-up efforts continue to this day. While estimates are not complete, Hurricane Sandy may prove to be one of the most costly natural disasters in the history of the United States. As one of the largest tropical storms to hit the United States, Hurricane Sandy resulted in devastation estimated to be in the billions of dollars. Victims not only suffered the dangerous and deadly impact when the “super-storm” hit, but also struggled to survive the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Part of this aftermath will involve submitting insurance claims for the catastrophic property damage, and working to ensure payment justly due is not delayed or outright denied.

Your case is our case. When dealing with insurance companies, Hurricane Sandy victims need lawyers whose breadth of experience is matched by their diversity of experience. Many insurance companies will handle claim valuation and claim processing differently when their policyholders are represented by counsel, and Spagnoletti Law Firm is known to many insurance companies as creative and aggressive in their handling of insurance claims.

Seasoned legal advocacy is vital when dealing with large disasters and related insurance claims. Following an event as tragic and catastrophic as Hurricane Sandy, policyholders need to protect themselves from bad faith practices and demand their insurers focus on a prompt and fair resolution of claims.

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