Was Your Maritime Accident Caused By A Safety Violation?

The Jones Act provides compensation for medical costs and lost wages (maintenance and cure benefits) for injured seamen. When an accident is the result of a safety violation on the part of the vessel’s owner, the injured seaman may be able to obtain additional compensation via an unseaworthiness claim. Under the Jones Act, the vessel owner cannot shift its responsibility to any other party such as the operator of the vessel. The unseaworthiness clause of the Jones Act is a powerful tool that can enable an injured seaman to obtain compensation.

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‘Unseaworthiness’ Covers A Broad Range Of Unsafe Conditions

To win an unseaworthiness claim, it is not necessary to show that the vessel owner knew of the condition – only that it existed and presented a danger to the officers, crew or other vessels.

Some examples of conditions that could form the basis for an unseaworthiness claim include:

  • Defective machinery
  • Lack of firefighting equipment
  • Lack of any equipment or supplies necessary to operate the vessel
  • Untrained crew members or officers
  • Slippery walk surfaces
  • Not enough seamen, engineers or officers to properly man the vessel
  • Other unsafe conditions

In an unseaworthiness case, it can sometimes be difficult to identify the true owner of a vessel. Our lawyers are skilled at investigating maritime accidents and acts of negligence. We will carefully document the negligence of the owner and the unseaworthy condition that led to your injury, as well as the full amount of your losses. Spagnoletti Law Firm will work diligently at all times to obtain all of the maintenance and cure benefits and compensation you deserve.

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