Lake Pontchartrain Platform Explosion

On October 15, 2017, a production platform located on Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana exploded. The explosion was reported at 7:18 p.m. on the platform located about 1.5 miles from shore. According to the Kenner Police Department, seven people were injured in the explosion, and an eighth person is still missing. Five of the injured workers are currently listed in critical condition as a result of the injuries sustained.

The platform, located in Jefferson Parish outside of New Orleans, is in production and used for the transfer of oil. It is owned by Clovelly Oil Co. The company is the only oil company operating in Lake Pontchartrain.

According to reports, it is believed that the fire ignited because of cleaning chemicals that were on the surface of the platform. The explosion was so violent that it shook houses located 10 blocks away from the shore.

At this time the extent of the injuries and number of workers affected by this disaster is not confirmed, but our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of those who have been affected by this tragedy.

There is an unfortunately long history of tragic explosions and fires occurring on oil platforms. This explosion brings back memories of the Black Elk Energy platform located in the Gulf of Mexico that exploded in 2012. That explosion came shortly after the BP Deepwater Horizon explosion in 2010.

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