Defending Those Accused Of Trading With The Enemy

The Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) is a United States federal law that restricts trade with countries deemed hostile to the United States. Though Cuba is currently the only country whose trade is currently restricted under the act, American firms often face legal challenges when doing businesses with countries in the Middle East and other hot spots around the world.

The criminal defense attorneys of Spagnoletti Law Firm provide experienced legal assistance to firms accused of trading with enemy defense. Does your firm face an investigation or charges regarding buying or selling products involving the government of or businesses in the following countries:

  • Iraq
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Libya

We have handled numerous cases involving both international litigation and alleged crimes involving other countries, including:

  • A case involving charges regarding the Oil-for-Food Program, Saddam Hussein and U.N. sanctions
  • Numerous cases involving negotiations to release frozen funds and assets

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The criminal defense lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm provide aggressive criminal defense of TWEA charges. To contact us, call 713-804-9306 or .

At Spagnoletti Law Firm, we handle both small and big TWEA cases involving products ranging from foodstuffs to weaponry. We also understand that confidentiality is important to firms facing criminal charges. We can provide an aggressive and knowledgeable defense while working diligently to protect your firm’s privacy. Contact our firm at 713-804-9306 or for more information.