More Than Decades of Combined Legal Experience in Texas Law

In today's global economy, employees and employers often work or operate in numerous counties. Legal implications can be complex, and parties facing legal disputes often need the assistance of a law firm with both a global reach and experience in numerous and related legal areas.

The litigation lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm have more than a century of legal experience and have vast experience in successfully litigating in dozens of legal areas. Our primary areas of practice include:

Admiralty/Maritime/Offshore Personal Injuries

Aviation Accidents

Oil and Gas Litigation

White Collar Crime Criminal Defense

Insurance Claim Disputes

Personal Injury

Domestic and International Litigation and Arbitration

Our range of experience means that, in a legal area such as oil and gas litigation, we have experience on both sides of injury disputes, provide consultation services regarding property rights and have even handled kidnapping cases involving the energy industry.

Experience, breadth and diversity of experience, and decades-long history of success. For more information regarding your domestic or international legal matter, please contact Spagnoletti Law Firm by calling 713-659-0257 or 877-678-5864.