Resolving Complex Disputes Through Litigation And Arbitration Since 1981

The Houston litigation and arbitration attorneys of Spagnoletti Law Firm have provided dispute resolution and consulting services to insurers, oil and gas firms, shipowners and employees, and a broad range of other individuals and entities. Our lawyer team has more than decades of combined experience in preventing and resolving disputes, including disputes involving:


Many business transactions today involve international parties. We can employ a variety of legal maneuvers to protect your rights, including:

  • Motions to transfer venue
  • Motions to dismiss for forum non conveniens
  • Motions to apply foreign law
  • Other procedural and venue-determinative motions


In the past, arbitration arose chiefly in maritime and construction contracts. Today, arbitration is a frequently chosen or mandated dispute resolution method of choice for many international transactions and projects.

If your business faces mandatory or optional international arbitration, contact us for knowledgeable and aggressive legal help. We have extensive experience representing clients before the American Arbitration Association and other alternative dispute forums.

Arbitration provides for several advantages over litigation, the most important of which is the avoidance of the unpredictable nature of the court systems. And when your dispute involves a foreign party or foreign location, a convention addressing the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards gives you added certainty regarding the enforcement of the award.

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