Skilled Criminal Defense Against White Collar Crimes

“White collar crimes” is a general term that most often encompasses business-related financial crimes. White collar crimes usually violate federal law and are prosecuted by the federal government in federal court. Frequently prosecuted white collar crimes include:

In addition, business dealings with foreign countries and foreign companies can often trigger the application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime, or are being investigated for allegedly committing a white collar crime, contact the white collar crime lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm for a no-charge consultation and an aggressive and knowledgeable defense.

Fraud cases and other white collar crime cases are usually complex, and government authorities often spend considerable time and resources investigating and preparing these cases. At Spagnoletti Law Firm, our attorneys have handled numerous white collar crime cases, including cases involving domestic and international transactions and activities.

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Our record includes numerous cases involving complex transactions such as the negotiation for the release of frozen funds and assets in the U.S. and foreign countries like Switzerland, and cases involving alleged illegal kickbacks regarding Iraq’s oil-for-food program. For more information regarding domestic and international white collar crime criminal defense and Spagnoletti Law Firm, please contact our Houston office at 713-804-9306 or .