Skilled Lawyers For Oil And Gas Litigation And Arbitration

The petrochemical industry and its related exploration and production activities give rise to both personal injury and business dispute litigation. Numerous parties in both offshore and onshore matters have interests that become involved in litigation and require representation. These parties include:

  • Major oil and gas companies
  • Pipeline companies
  • Service providers and contractors
  • Owners of oil and gas interests
  • Landowners
  • Insurers

The lawyers of the Houston law firm of Spagnoletti Law Firm have more than a century of combined experience in handling oil and gas litigation cases. We have handled numerous oil and gas-related disputes, including disputes involving:

In addition to handling disputes, we offer consulting services aimed at preventing disputes and at strengthening clients’ legal positions prior to potential disputes.

Decades Of Combined Legal Experience

Oil and gas disputes are complex and may be governed by state tort law, federal admiralty law and a range of other acts, laws and regulations, depending on location and other factors. To discuss your oil and gas industry legal concerns with attorneys who are highly experienced in resolving petrochemical-related legal issues, contact us online or at 713-804-9306 or .