Skilled Assistance With Admiralty, Maritime And Offshore Injuries

When legal issues arise in a maritime environment, workers and businesses can struggle with ensuing legal questions and complexities. Does it matter whether I was injured on a ship, liftboat, jack-up rig, semisubmersible, offshore platform or on a maritime loading dock? What can I do if my cargo was damaged or stolen, or was sent to the wrong place? And who can help when injuries occur on cruise ships?

The maritime law attorneys of Spagnoletti Law Firm have provided more than a century of combined legal services to clients facing a broad range of legal issues involving maritime law, the Jones Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), and international laws and treaties relating to ships and ships’ crews and passengers. Maritime law is a core component of our business, and our practice areas include:

  • Jones Act claims: We represent injured or killed seamen, ensuring that they receive the compensation due to them by law.
  • Injured maritime workers: representing workers injured in or near waterfronts, or who are injured in the offshore exploration or production business.
  • Recreational boating accidents: including drunk boating accidents or collisions between the recreational boat and commercial or fishing vessels.
  • Passenger claims on cruise ships: We represent passengers injured while on cruise ships, including slip and falls, recreation-related injuries and injuries arising from crew negligence.
  • Penalty wage claims on behalf of seamen: ensuring that seamen are compensated for the late payment of their wages.
  • Injured workers on cruise ships: Our experienced attorneys help injured cruise ship workers obtain compensation for their injuries.
  • Cargo vessel accidents: obtaining compensation for cargo ship workers injured by another’s negligence.
  • Cargo damage subrogation: Our lawyers handle cargo-related damage claims under the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act (COGSA), as well as other cargo-related laws.

The admiralty injury and admiralty law attorneys of Spagnoletti Law Firm provide legal assistance in Houston, South Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast region. To contact us, call 713-804-9306.

Aggressively Pursuing Recovery For Victims Of Injuries And In Cargo Damage Subrogation Claims

The lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm have represented hundreds of individuals and businesses facing admiralty and maritime law legal challenges, and are highly experienced trial attorneys. In addition, we provide legal services involving injuries on deep-water and shallow-water oil and gas rigs. For more information, please contact us at 713-804-9306.