Attorneys Experienced With Cruise Ship Accident Claims

When you board a cruise ship, the complex systems involving passports and other documents immediately alert you to the variety of international laws governing cruise ship operations.

This complexity extends to accident and injury cases occurring on cruise ships. If you are injured on a cruise, your claim will be governed by a legal system that is different than the system used for injuries occurring on land.

For instance, international law sometimes plays a part in cruise ship accidents. The contract (ticket) often also affects injury cases because it may place additional restrictions on passengers such as a requirement to prenotify the cruise line of the passenger’s intention to file a lawsuit against it. Similarly, cruise contracts:

  • Usually impose a deadline (often just one year) for injured passengers to file a claim
  • Often impose restrictions regarding which court(s) passengers must bring a claim in

If you have been injured on a passenger cruise ship, it is important that you select an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in navigating maritime law, and the often confusing and limiting restrictions that cruise companies place into their passengers’ contracts.

The attorneys of Spagnoletti Law Firm have successfully handled dozens of cruise ship passenger claims, including claims involving:

  • Ship equipment defects
  • Slips and falls on deck
  • Crew negligence
  • Ladder injuries
  • Recreation-related injuries
  • Failure to render medical assistance

We are skilled and experienced in interpreting passenger contracts and fighting effectively against shipowners’ efforts to limit their liability. For more information, please contact our lawyers at our Houston office by calling 713-804-9306 or .