Representing Maritime Workers With Jones Act Claims

Seamen who are injured while working aboard blue water ships, bulk carriers, tankers, supply
boats, crew boats, tugboats, semisubmersible, jack-up drilling platforms, liftboats and other vessels are eligible to sue their employers or others responsible under the Jones Act.

Jones Act claims differ significantly from the state negligence laws and state workers’ compensation systems that govern most accidents and injuries on land. For instance:

  • Different rules of procedure apply in seamen’s cases
  • The concepts of liability are based on different standards than used ashore
  • Seamen’s cases can be handled in either federal or state court with and without juries

If you were injured as a seaman, or have a family member who was killed in the course of his or her employment at sea, contact the Houston law firm of Spagnoletti Law Firm We have handled dozens of Jones Act claims resulting from accidents occurring in Texas waters and in waters throughout the Gulf Coast and throughout the world.

Attorneys Helping Maritime Workers Under The Jones Act

The Jones Act provides numerous protections for injured and killed seamen and their families, including the remedy of maintenance and cure (i.e. the right to receive a portion of living expenses and medical care). Additional benefits are available in cases involving wrongful death.

The Jones Act usually applies to workers injured on ship, but seamen may also recover compensation if injuries occurred on shore when in the service of the ship. For more information, please contact our lawyers by calling 713-804-9306 or 877-678-5864.