Have You Been Injured On An Offshore Oil Jack-Up Rig?

A strong argument can be made that jack-up oil drilling rigs are inherently dangerous, even in calm waters. If you have been injured on jack-up rig or any other type of mobile drilling rig, you may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses, including medical costs and lost wages, as well as your noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering.

Spagnoletti Law Firm has a team of lawyers that aggressively represents injured drilling rig workers and the families of fatal accident victims. With more than decades of combined experience representing workers and their families, our lawyers have the investigative resources and advocacy skills you need.

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The Jones Act contains provisions that enable injured oil rig workers to obtain compensation for medical care (called maintenance benefits) and lost wages (called cure benefits). If the owner of the rig failed to keep equipment in proper working order, you may also be able to obtain additional compensation via an unseaworthiness claim. However, if your claim is not handled properly, you may not be able to obtain all of the compensation you deserve.

At Spagnoletti Law Firm, our jack-up rig accident lawyers have extensive experience in cases involving injuries on mobile oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. We understand the complexities of the Jones Act and other applicable laws, and when we represent you, we will seek compensation for all of your losses from all available sources. You can depend on Spagnoletti Law Firm for skillful advocacy at all stages of the legal process.

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