Handling Plane And Helicopter Crashes In The U.S. And Around The World

Aviation crashes, injuries and fatalities are almost unbelievably complex, legally. For instance:

  • Do you need help regarding a local or regional helicopter or plane crash? Texas’ and neighboring states’ wrongful death and survival laws may apply.
  • Do you need help regarding an international plane crash involving a foreign airline, foreign passengers or an international stop/layover? International plane crashes are governed by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, the Warsaw Convention, the Hague Convention and/or the Montreal Convention.
  • Do you need help regarding a domestic commercial or private plane crash? Airlines’ liability for injury or death is often determined by state tort law. However, federal law may also apply because the federal government is responsible for regulating aviation safety standards.
  • Do you need help regarding a plane crash that occurred over an ocean? Airline accidents occurring over oceans can involve the Death on the High Seas Act.
  • Plane and helicopter accidents can also involve products liability laws.

The experienced Houston aviation lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm will be familiar with the laws that govern your plane accident case, as well as with the factual and technical details out of which aviation claims arise. Our attorneys handle both international and domestic aircraft accident cases and have successfully obtained compensation for victims and surviving family members following plane and helicopter accidents. For more information regarding aviation accident law and Spagnoletti Law Firm, please contact us at 713-804-9306 or .