Knowledgeable Assistance With International And Domestic Business Disputes

The business dispute and litigation lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm provide aggressive legal assistance to businesses and individuals involved in commercial disputes. We put in the work needed to fully prepare your case for negotiation and trial, and have a combined Decades of business dispute legal experience.

We handle both domestic and international disputes. In addition to litigating in courts across Texas and the U.S., we are highly experienced in litigating in foreign courts with the assistance of select foreign counsel. We have a network of lawyers from all over the globe.

Regarding domestic business disputes, our attorneys handle contractual disputes between distributors, purchasers, builders, insurers, manufacturers and other parties. We are highly skilled in advocating for clients’ rights in mediation and arbitration, but are willing to go to court, whenever necessary.

Regarding international business disputes, we represent American and foreign individuals and businesses facing contractual disputes. Cases we have handled recently include:

  • Representing numerous firms in oil and gas disputes involving foreign parties
  • Representing a German distributor of medical devices against the American manufacturer of those devices in a U.S. court
  • Representing an American who now lives in France against an American firm he invested with

The international business disputes lawyers of Spagnoletti Law Firm fully protect clients’ confidentiality, while aggressively fighting for their interests. For more information, please contact our Houston office by calling 713-804-9306 or 877-678-5864.