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Steffany Elhaddad received her licensed to practice law in Mexico in 2006. Attending two Universities at the same time, she obtained in 2007 a Licenciate in Law from Universidad IEST Anahuac de Tamaulipas, and also a Licenciate in International Commerce, summa cum laude, from the Universidad Autonma de Tamaulipas.

From the start of her higher education, Steffany has had an interest in international affairs and global corporations. She began her legal career as in-house lead attorney for LG Electronics in Reynosa, Mexico. Representing the interest of both the company and its employees, she handled transportation losses, labor matters, environmental compliance, contracts and negotiations.

Her collaboration with other foreign counsel in various corporate legal matters in United States led to her move to Houston, Texas, in 2013 were she took up further studies at LoneStar College and obtained an Associates Degree as a Paralegal in 2015.

Steffany has been with the firm since 2015, and assists its US-licensed attorneys in commercial, corporate and international personal injury matters.


  • Lone Star College
    • Associates Degree
    • Major: Paralegal Studies
  • Universidad IEST Anahuac de Tamaulipas
    • Licenciate in Law
  • Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas
    • Licenciate in International Commerce
    • Honors: summa cum laude


  • Spanish
  • English
  • French