Lawsuit Filed Against Cenac Marine Services Arising out of Retention Bonus Program

by | Oct 13, 2019 | Civil litigation, Maritime Law

Spagnoletti Law Firm has filed suit on behalf of three vessel captains who were employed by Cenac Marine Services.  The captains all participated in the company’s “Retention & Recruitment Incentive” Program for wheelhouse personnel. Pursuant to the terms of this policy, wheelhouse personnel were eligible to receive $10,000.00 per anniversary year with the company. This retention bonus was not paid out yearly, rather held by the company and its CEO, Arlen Cenac, Jr., to be paid out at a captain’s retirement.  The captains all believed that promises made related to the program would be kept.

In January 2019, Arlen Cenac, Jr. sold the entire fleet of vessels owned and operated by Cenac Marine Services to Houston-based Kirby Corp. for $244 million.  As a result of the sale of the fleet, Cenac Marine Services no longer required the services of its wheelhouse personnel, and terminated all of its captains, including Plaintiffs, from employment.  The lawsuit seeks to hold the Cenac Marine Services and its CEO, Arlen Cenac, Jr., responsible for the representations and promises that were made to induce captains to remain with the company during the existence of the retention bonus program.

The lawsuit alleges:

As a direct and proximate result of Defendants’ misrepresentations and fraud, Plaintiffs have suffered actual damages, in the form of retention bonuses which have been rendered an impossibility by Defendants acts.

Furthermore, given that Defendants’ conduct, was committed intentionally, knowingly, and with callous disregard of Plaintiffs legitimate rights, Plaintiffs are entitled to seek and do seek exemplary damages in an amount not less than the maximum amount permitted by applicable law based on the allegation of actual damages stated above.

The Plaintiffs are represented by Marcus R. Spagnoletti and Eric J. Rhine.

The experienced lawyers at Spagnoletti Law Firm can help you understand your legal rights if you were a participant in the retention bonus program. There are strict and short time limits on making claims, so please contact us online or call 713-804-9306 or 877-678-5864 to learn more about your rights.