BSEE Issues Report following Injury on Parker Drilling Rig 77B

by | Aug 28, 2020 | Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its Investigative Report on the incident that occurred on March 21, 2020 on Parker Drilling Company’s Rig 77B.  At the time, the rig was performing work for Cox Operating, LLC at South Marsh Island (SMI) Block 223.  A roustabout employed by Parker Drilling sustained an injury to his hand.

The BSEE report, documented what occurred:

The PDC Crane Operator lifted the basket slightly. The PDC Motorman and the PDC Roustabout attempted to the push the basket out, allow the basket to swing back in and then hold the basket in place until the crane landed the load. However, when the basket swung back in and held by the PDC Motorman and PDC Roustabout, the DSA shifted inside the basket. The PDC Motorman held the sling connected to the basket while the PDC Roustabout held on the top rim of the basket when the DSA shifted. The DSA shifted in the basket causing it to roll over the PDC Roustabout’s right hand pinching it between the DSA and basket’s top rim. The PDC Roustabout sustained a cut to his righthand middle finger and was treated on-site for his injury.

BSEE’s investigation ultimately faulted the JSA which had been completed for the work:

1) The pre-JSA did not cover landing the basket on the keyway deck. The approved procedure for landing the basket on the keyway deck involved the use of an air hoist. The PDC Crane Operator thought the rest of the PDC crew was using an air hoist to position the basket. The PDC Motorman and PDC Roustabout did not know using the air hoist was part of the procedure. The PDC crew did not use an air hoist while landing the basket in the keyway. 2) The JSA did not cover positioning the basket on the lower deck or using an air hoist.

Safe offshore companies must insure that adequate precautions are taken, including proper communication between workers, and adequate supervision from the managers on site.  When an offshore accident like this one occurs, there are often multiple causes which contribute to it.  Risks that may present themselves while working on an offshore platform must be carefully evaluated before work begins.

One mechanism to safely evaluate and prepare for risks is through the use of a Job Safety Analysis (“JSA”) or Risk Assessment, which is required for safe maritime or offshore work.  When a proper hazard analysis does not occur, it can result in catastrophic personal injury or death. In a JSA, each step of the job is examined to identify potential hazards and to recommend how to minimize those risks in each step. Ultimately, a JSA used for work on a platform should be detailed enough in order to cover all of the important steps on a job.  Accidents like this are often known risks, which must be planned for by platform owners and operators.

Based on the incident that occurred, BSEE issued an Incident of Noncompliance to Cox Operating:

Based on the incident investigation findings, a G-110 Incident of Noncompliance (INC) is issued to document that Cox Operating, L.L.C., (Cox) failed to oversee that operations were performed in a safe and workmanlike manner on the Parker Drilling Company (PDC) 77B barge rig during well operations at South Marsh Island Block 223. On 21 March 2020, a PDC Roustabout sustained an injury during crane operations. The injury occurred when a crane, with an assist from an air hoist, was lowering a three feet by six feet basket containing a 13.625-inch Double Studded Adapter (DSA) to the keyway deck. The PDC Roustabout had his hand on the top rim of the basket as it landed out on the keyway deck, when the DSA rolled in the basket over his right middle finger. The PDC Roustabout was evacuated to a medical facility as a result of the incident. A doctor diagnosed and treated the PDC Roustabout for a laceration and fracture to his right-hand middle finger.

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