BSEE Report Issued for Fire on Oil Platform in Gulf of Mexico

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Offshore accidents

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its Accident Report on the fire that occurred on the Viosca Knoll 900 Platform A on December 22, 2020.  The offshore platform is owned and operated by Cox Operating LLC.  During the incident, a fire broke out, resulting in the shutting down of a pipeline on the platform.

The BSEE report, explained the incident:

Per the operator’s report, on 22 December 2020 at approximately 15:30 hours, while operators were making their rounds, a small flame was noticed on the pipeline pump’s exhaust insulation. Once noticed, the operators grabbed a nearby handheld fire extinguisher and extinguished the flame in under a minute. The only damage noted at the time was a plastic dust cover for the air filter’s housing. The pipeline pump was taken OOS.

The BSEE investigation found that the fire resulted from a crack on the pump’s expansion joint.  The crack allowed hot exhaust to contact the air filter housing on the engine. A plastic dust cover located inside the air filter’s access hatch began to melt, which eventually resulted in the fire.  The BSEE report determined the probable cause of the incident:

Equipment failure – Fatigue Over time; the expansion joint may have cycled through hot and cool conditions such that it cracked due to fatigue.

BSEE provided recommendations to prevent recurrence:

  • BSEE NOD recommends incorporating a more frequent and thorough inspection of expansion joints and equipment to help identify these flaws in equipment before they escalate into something more severe.
  • Look into the possibility of finding a dust cover that can withstand higher temperatures than previous and current plastic dust covers.

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