Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company Pleads Guilty to Clean Water Act Violation

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Maritime Law

Texas-based Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. recently pleaded guilty violating the Clean Water Act.  Charges were brought against the company following a 2016 incident in which a Louisiana oil pipeline was damaged by the company.  As a result, the pipeline leaked over 5,000 gallons of oil in a Louisiana bay.  Records indicate that one Great Lakes Dredge & Dock’s subcontractors struck the pipeline while operating an excavator vehicle.  The incident occurred south of New Orleans, Louisiana.  In order to resolve the charges, the company agreed to pay a $1 million fine.

Dredging operations can pose significant dangers both to workers on the vessel and to the general public.  When dangerous work is involved, extra precautions must be taken, especially when catastrophic fires or explosions can occur.  Not only can an incident like this result in a catastrophic impact on the environment, but it can also result in a loss of life.  Safe dredge companies must ensure that their workers and contractors are aware of hazards and take steps to mitigate them.

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