What are some dangers that engine room workers on boats face?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Maritime Law

If you work in a boiler room, then you’d don’t likely need anyone explaining how dangerous your work is. You’ve likely already experienced minor injuries yourself and know countless others that have suffered worse.

Some of the biggest threats in boiler rooms are extremely high temperatures and pressure system issues. Countless other dangers exist that you may be unable to avoid, even if you take safety precautions to do so. 

Dangers you have to worry about as a boiler room worker

Many issues can leave boiler room works with significant injuries, including:

  • Crankcase explosions: Ship crankcases contain small oil-based microparticles that can ignite when they make contact with hotspots giving way to an out-of-control fire.
  • Overspeeding generators: Generators often over speed when they’re first started causing internal parts such as the connecting rod, crankshaft, nuts or bolts to detach and jettison out of control. Crew members must evacuate quickly to avoid serious injuries.
  • Fuel drip: Boiler rooms contain many pieces of high-pressure equipment. Fuel may begin dripping inside the furnace, causing blowback or an explosion.
  • Boiler misfiring issues: Boilers may misfire or overheat due to water circulation loss, causing an explosion. 

Pre- or post-purged boilers may also have an unpredictable reaction.

You have rights if you suffer a boiler room injury

You may find it reassuring to know that there are laws specifically drafted to apply to maritime workers injured on the job. These may allow you to recover damages if you suffer injuries in a boiler room explosion or another incident. 

Determining which law applies to your maritime role can be challenging. Please continue to read about the different laws that exist here on our website and contact us if you need help making sense of it all.