Coast Guard Report – 25% Increase in Boating Fatalities in 2020

by | Jul 3, 2021 | Maritime Law, Wrongful Death

The U.S. Coast Guard has released its 2020 Recreational Boating Statistics Report.  This report contains statistics on registered recreational vessels and boating accidents during calendar year 2020.  In 2020 there were 767 deaths from boating fatalities according to the report, an increase of 25% from 2019.

The report notes:

In calendar year 2020, the Coast Guard counted 5,265 accidents that involved 767 deaths, 3,191 injuries and approximately $62.5 million dollars of damage to property as a result of recreational boating accidents

The five primary accident types were:

  1. Collision with recreational vessel
  2. Flooding/swamping
  3. Collision with fixed object
  4. Grounding
  5. Falls overboard

The report also identified the top ten contributing factors in accidents:

  1. Operator inattention
  2. Operator inexperience
  3. Improper lookout
  4. Excessive speed
  5. Machinery failure
  6. Navigation rules violation
  7. Alcohol use
  8. Weather
  9. Hazardous waters
  10. Force of wave/wake

The report serves as reminder to everyone, whether a recreational boater or a large maritime company, that safety must always be paramount while operating a vessel.

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