Danger to Offshore Platform Workers from Hurricane Ida

| Aug 29, 2021 | Maritime Law, Offshore accidents

As Hurricane Ida grew in strength over the past week, many oil and production companies evacuated their workers to shore.  Many wells were shut-in as companies began the preparations for the approaching storm.  The storm’s intensity is expected to bring winds well over 100 mph when it hits shore.  The expected path takes it over many offshore platforms, producing significant dangers for those workers who are not evacuated beforehand.  The strength of the storm is so significant that even before it reached the coast of Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency.

Reports indicate that a number of companies, including BHP, Chevron, Shell and Equinor have begun evacuations.  According to BSEE, workers from 89 production platforms were evacuated for safety.  In addition to removing personnel, where a production facility was able to relocated, that was also done.

Safe offshore and maritime companies must make plans ahead of time when severe weather is expected.  In the days leading up to a powerful storm like Hurricane Ida, non-essential personnel should be evacuated for their own safety.  Platforms and wells must also be prepared for the severe weather.  Failing to adequately prepare for the high winds and wave conditions beforehand can result in tragedy.

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