Lawsuit Filed Following Accident on Shell Auger Platform in Gulf of Mexico

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Civil litigation, Offshore accidents

Spagnoletti Law Firm recently filed suit on behalf of an offshore worker who sustained severe physical injuries on Shell’s Auger platform offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.  The worker was injured while carrying heavy boards across the platform.  The lawsuit brings claims against Shell Oil Company.  The Plaintiff, a scaffold builder, remains unable to work as a result of his severe injuries.  The lawsuit alleges Shell was negligence in the following ways:

(a) failing to provide proper and adequate supervision of the platform’s activities;
(b) failing to make the platform’s crane available for use in moving the scaffold boards across the platform, or providing an alternative lifting device for Plaintiff’s use;
(c) failing to ensure that Plaintiff had a safe place to work aboard Defendant’s platform, and failing to take reasonable precautions for his safety;
(d) failing to coordinate simultaneous operations on the platform;
(e) failing to exercise stop work authority;
(f) failing to perform adequate safety meetings and analyses to identify and minimize the risk to Plaintiff and others; and,
(g) permitting an unsafe operation for which there wasn’t an adequate plan.

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