Common types of offshore accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Offshore accidents

Depending on the nature of an offshore accident, the injuries sustained can be life-threatening. The causes of these accidents may vary, but most arise from human error. For example, tired or overworked staff can make poor decisions or mistakes or even have difficulty responding to an emergency. In addition, a distraction from the task at hand could cause injuries to the distracted worker or others. Other causes of offshore accidents are bad weather and vessel owners who disregard safety and fail to maintain the vessel regularly.

Some of the typical offshore accidents include:


Given the size of an oil platform, a fall from a high height could be disastrous to the victim. In addition, a slippery deck could lead to slip-and-fall instances with varying degrees of injuries. In some cases, strong winds may blow a person off the rig and into the ocean, and there is a real possibility of drowning.

Fires and explosions

Most of the substances on offshore rigs are combustible. As such, explosions and fires are common occurrences, especially when ventilating systems fail or the storage is improper. The injuries that result from such accidents can be catastrophic or even fatal.

Exposure to chemicals

Injuries can also arise when workers are exposed to hazardous materials. This can result from inadequate or lack of protective equipment and poor training on handling these chemicals, which can lead to exposure. Notably, some chemical exposures can have lifelong consequences to the victims.

Are you a victim of an offshore accident?

The list above is not exhaustive, and other types of accidents could occur offshore. If you have suffered injuries resulting from an offshore accident, it is crucial to protect your rights and get compensation for your suffering. Sometimes, things may get complex, especially when it comes to assigning fault. Therefore, having the necessary knowledge when navigating your case will put you in a better position and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.