Texas offshore workers face many accident and injury hazards 

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Maritime Law

Whether you work on a cargo ship, offshore oil rig or other maritime environments, you may face more injury risks than you realize. Many Houston residents seek offshore employment because of its good income without realizing the dangers.

Admiralty or maritime law is quite complicated with various remedies available that depend on the nature of your employment. Injuries suffered in these occupations require a different legal approach than other work-related incidents. To keep you well-informed, we will discuss some common offshore accidents that could leave you with injuries.

What makes maritime employment so dangerous?

The nature of working offshore puts you at risk of severe or catastrophic injuries or even death. You might find it easier to identify your risks by envisioning the space and circumstances in which you perform your duties. For example:

  • Is your workspace small and cramped with objects? In small, cramped spaces, you risk trip and fall injuries.
  • Is it close to the edge of a ship or a high platform? If you topple from a tall structure into the sea, you could drown, that is, if you survive the fall.
  • Do your work duties involve machinery? Work involving complex or heavy machinery could lead to accidental amputations and other injuries.
  • Do you work with or near flammable materials? If your work puts you near flammable materials, a common occurrence offshore, your risk of burn injuries from fires and explosions increases.

If you answered yes to the above questions, your workspace is full of dangers. Ask yourself other questions about your work environment to uncover more potential hazards. When you know the risks of your occupation, you can recognize work situations that call for extra caution. 

If you have suffered injuries in an offshore accident, be sure you also understand how to apply for and receive the benefits you deserve.