Dangers of Worn-out Cargo Containers

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Maritime Law, Personal Injury

As COVID-19 continues to impact the shipping industry, one risk which longshore and vessel workers need to be aware of is related to cargo containers.  There has been a shortage of cargo containers due to increased shipping and congestion in ports.  As a result, many shipping companies are relying on older shipping containers that may previously have not been used due to concerns regarding their condition.  This presents a risk for the hardworking longshore and maritime workers who encounter them.

Damaged containers present hazards to workers in many ways.  Rusted out doors can fall off of the container while it is being relocated.  If the corner posts of a container is rusted out or corroded it presents risks of disengaging while being lifted.  A container that fails while being moved is a risk for all involved workers.  As long as containers have been regularly serviced, inspected and maintained, their continued use should not present increased risks to workers.  However, given the risks of corrosion to containers that are used in the marine environment, the failure to inspect and maintain containers puts workers at risk of catastrophic injury or loss of life.

According to industry guidelines known as ACEP, regular inspections, maintenance and repairs are required to take place on cargo containers.  ACEP stands for Approved Continuous Examination Program and is an industry standard scheme which provides for regular inspection, maintenance and repairs to shipping containers to ensure they are safe to be handled by longshoremen and vessel workers. Pursuant to the International Convention for Safe Containers, a cargo container’s owner is “responsible for maintaining it in safe condition.”

Safe cargo companies must perform regular maintenance and inspections in order to ensure the safety of their crew members.  When owners and operators fail to conduct regular maintenance and inspection of the equipment on their vessels, dangerous incidents can result.  This not only puts the lives of hardworking seamen at risk, but can also endanger members of the public.

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