Report Issued for West Delta 73 Gulf of Mexico Platform Injury

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its Investigative Report on a September 25, 2021 injury that was sustained on Cox Operating’s West Delta 73 (WD73) Platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  During the incident, a worker employed by Crosby Energy Services was assisting a construction crew work on the platform when he sustained injuries.

The BSEE report, explained the incident:

On 25 September 2021 at approximately 1030 hours, a contract operator for Crosby Energy Services (Crosby) was assisting a construction crew in moving a sheet of tin metal when the injured person (IP) tripped on a section of grating. As the IP was falling, the IP reached out and grabbed hold of the sharp edge of the sheet tin metal in an attempt to stop the fall.

The BSEE investigation determined the probable cause of the incident:

Human Performance Error – Not aware of hazards: IP was not aware of the trip hazards from working near uneven surfaces. No slip or trips were identified on the Job Safety Analysis.

The incident illustrates the importance of having proper personal protective equipment.  According to BSEE, at the time of the incident the injured worker was not wearing gloves that provided adequate protection.  Workers on a platform should be required to have adequate PPE, and safe platform operators must have procedures in place to assess the PPE which is worn.  Accidents due to improper PPE are known risks, which much be planned for by platform owners and operators.

Risks that may present themselves while working on an offshore platform must be carefully evaluated before work begins.  One mechanism to safely evaluate and prepare for risks is through the use of a Job Safety Analysis (“JSA”) or Risk Assessment, which is standard in the maritime industry.  In a JSA, each step of the job is examined to identify potential hazards and to recommend the safest way to perform the work in order to minimize those risks.  When this does not occur, it can result in catastrophic personal injury or death.

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