BSEE Report on Fire at Main Pass (MP) 42 Platform Offshore

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Offshore accidents

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has concluded its Investigation into the September 21, 2021 fire that occurred on the Main Pass (MP) 42 D, L, and M (D/L/M) complex in the Gulf of Mexico.  The offshore platforms are owned and operated by Cantium LLC.  The complex is a grouping of three platforms located offshore, connected to each other via catwalks.  During the incident, a fire broke out in the compressor-generator building on the 42L Platform.  Attempts to put out the fire failed, and the platform personnel mustered to a vessel at the complex, the Miss Dee, before they were transported to a nearby platform.

According to BSEE report, the personnel returned later that day to the platform in an attempt to extinguish the fire:

On 21 September 2021 at approximately 1630 hours, the field Production Foreman (PF) located at MP 299, flew to MP 41 N. The PF and PIC boarded M/V Miss Dee and headed back to MP 42 L where they used the boat’s water cannons to continuously spray water on the compressor-generator building for the next few hours.

At approximately 1830 hours, the M/V Miss Dee returned to MP 41 N to pickup key personnel to return to MP 42 D/L/M. After carefully observing the ‘L’ platform and not seeing any flames from inside or outside of the compressor-generator building, the key personnel boarded the ‘M’ platform, where they used red danger tape to flag off the bridge to ‘L’ and the bridge to ‘D’. The M/V Miss Dee, accompanied by M/V Miss Emily, remained on site and continued to spray water and monitor the compressor-generator building through the night.

The BSEE investigation determined that multiple platforms were in the process of having production begun after shutting in for Hurricane Ida.  During this process, as a result of a failed seal, gas migrated into the lube oil tank in the compressor-generator building. T he gas and lube oil blew out, spraying lube oil and natural gas onto the compressor engine. Ignition occurred shortly afterwards.  This caused the oil and gas on the compressor engine to ignite and spread rapidly.

The BSEE report determined the probably cause of the incident:

Equipment Failure – Flawed equipment design or construction: Seals failed causing gas to migrate into the lube oil tank.

Incidents involving equipment like this are often known risks, which much be planned for by platform owners and operators.  Precautions and safety protocols must be in place before work commences.

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