Are there safety benefits to wearing motorcycle gloves?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2022 | Auto Accident

You’ve just purchased a motorcycle and are wondering what kind of safety gear you need. Or, perhaps you’re a veteran rider who is just looking to replenish your equipment?

You’ve sorted out a helmet, leathers and knee pads, and you’re now contemplating protection for your hands. You think that a pair of gloves will look pleasing aesthetically, but do they offer you anything in terms of physical protection?

A protective layer

Hopefully, you never have to live through the experience, but you do have to think about what happens during a motorcycle fall. Like any other type of fall, your instinct will be to brace yourself and maybe even protect your head. You’re going to use your hands to do both of these things, which means they take the brunt of any impact. While gloves might not be able to fully prevent a hand injury, they could possibly reduce the extent of that injury. One thing is for certain, it’s far better for a protective layer to take some of the brunt than the full force of a fall being taken out on your bare skin.

Your grip is important

Motorcycles can be agile machines, but this all depends on the ability of the rider. When you’re wearing gloves, you have a better grip on the handlebars. Not only will this help you when navigating tight turns, but it could just prevent an accident. If you need to get out of the way quickly because a car has pulled out in front of you, you are going to need a tight grip on the handlebars. In such circumstances, gloves could just make the difference between a near miss and a catastrophic collision.

Getting around on two wheels can be enjoyable and efficient. You have a right to do this safely in Texas. If someone else has caused you to fall from your bike, make sure you hold them to account by exploring your legal options.