Common causes of motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2022 | Personal Injury

Motorcyclists have rights and responsibilities while on the road. While this is true, they are some of the most at-risk drivers on the road.

A collision with another vehicle can lead to devastating injuries. Knowing some of the most common causes of these accidents can help motorcyclists, and other drivers take steps to prevent them.

Vehicles making a left turn

When dealing with motorcycle accidents, a common cause is a vehicle not seeing the motorcyclist or misjudging the speed and turning left in front of them. Blind spots, distraction or inattention can cause this.

Slipping on gravel

Curvy roads are dangerous for motorcyclists for several reasons. When turning a corner, a rider may hit a patch of gravel, leaves, sand or something else that catches the front tire and causes them to crash. While more experienced riders may be able to prevent these types of accidents, they still occur and can cause serious injuries.

Vehicle changing lanes

If a vehicle veers into the lane a motorcyclist travels, it can cause a collision. Unfortunately, some accidents like this occur because the driver cannot see the motorcycle because it is in their blind spot or because they didn’t check carefully before changing lanes.

Rear-end collisions

The damage and injuries are often minor in typical rear-end collisions between two vehicles. However, the same accident, even at a low speed, with a motorcycle can be deadly.

Staying safe on the road

It’s necessary for motorcyclists and drivers to always remain aware of their surroundings. This is the best way to prevent accidents. If an accident does occur, it’s possible to recover damages from the at-fault party by filing a personal injury lawsuit.