NTSB Issues Report on Union Pacific Railroad Derailment

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Train Accident

The National Transportation Safety Board has released its report on the July 29, 2020 incident involving a Union Pacific Railroad freight train in Tempe, Arizona.  During the incident, the freight train derailed, and struck a bridge structure.  Part of the bridge collapsed onto the Rio Salado Parkway below.  Multiple cars were carrying hazardous and flammable materials.  Luckily, chemicals spilled onto the roadway did not ignite or this incident could have been catastrophic.

The NTSB’s report documents the responsibility of the railroad operator to inspect tracks:

1.4.1 Track Inspection

Under Federal Railroad Administration requirements in Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations Part 213.233 Subpart F, railroads must visually inspect Class 2 track at least once each week and Class 3 track at least twice each week. UP inspected its main line tracks twice each week, including the track near the derailment site.

The NTSB also found the probable cause of this derailment:

The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the Union Pacific Railroad freight train derailment and subsequent bridge collapse on July 29, 2020, was a broken rail located on the ballast deck portion of the wooden trestle approach about 30 feet from the steel bridge. Contributing to the severity of the derailment was the absence of an inner guard rail preceding the steel bridge structure, which allowed the derailed equipment to move laterally into the bridge structure and cause its collapse.

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