4 common causes of charter boat accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2023 | Maritime Law

From picturesque beaches and natural spring waters to jaw-dropping icescapes, some of the world’s most beautiful places can only be seen from the water. So, for the perfect experience, you may hop on a charter boat and enjoy the comfort and ease the crew provides. But, unfortunately, when you get out on the water, there is a high possibility of a boating accident.

Here are some of the common causes of charter boat accidents:

1. Excessive speed

Many people compare driving boats to driving a car, and just like cars, excessive speed can cause a charter boat accident. Apart from increasing the risk of an accident, speeding can increase the severity of the crash. Moreover, excessive speed lowers the reaction time of the boat operator. 

2. Intoxicated crew members

Sometimes, charter boat crew members may be tempted to join the party with passengers. Unfortunately, alcohol or drugs can increase the likelihood of accidents, such as capsizing, collisions, slip and fall, poor navigation and physical assault.

3. Machinery failure

Another common cause of charter boat accidents is machinery failure.  Some boat owners skip boat maintenance, and delayed maintenance can cause some important parts of the boat to malfunction or fail. However, it’s the vessel owner’s responsibility to ensure that the boat is seaworthy. Therefore, if you charter a boat and get into an accident due to equipment or machinery failure, you may have grounds for a case.

4. Inexperienced crew

When you charter a boat with a crew, you expect them to be well-trained and experienced for your safety. However, an inexperienced crew is more likely to leave equipment poorly secured, operate the vessel in an unsafe manner and they may attempt to work while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Charter boat owners and crew members are responsible for keeping passengers safe. However, if they don’t meet their responsibilities and you get injured, the vessel owner and crew members may be liable. Seeking legal assistance can help you get adequate compensation.