3 ways workers on cruise ships can end up injured

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2023 | Maritime Law

For some people, working on a cruise ship might seem like the ideal profession. The job involves traveling to beautiful and exotic locations. They get to interact with countless people out on their honeymoons or on a wild family vacation. The job offers an ever-changing environment and countless unique experiences. 

However, it is also rife with personal risk. Those who work for cruise lines often end up hurt on the job and then in need of financial support. What are some of the most common ways that cruise line employees suffer injuries on the job?

1. They slip and fall

There are many ways for a worker on a cruise ship to fall on the job. From spilled drinks on the deck to a loss of balance on a staircase, there are almost infinite opportunities to fall on a large ship. Slips and falls often lead to brain injuries and broken bones, both of which can prove quite expensive for the injured employee.

2. They experience violence

Working with other people in close quarters might mean that coworkers eventually turn their frustrations on one another. Even in harmonious workplaces where everybody gets along with each other, the possibility of a traveler becoming aggressive due to intoxication or emotional distress is a real safety concern.

3. They have accidental contact with machinery

Heavy equipment abounds on cruise ships, from the mechanical areas to the kitchens. Workers could easily end up injured by coming into contact with machinery and equipment. Unfortunately, those injured on cruise ships while working typically don’t have the option of filing a workers’ compensation claim. They will have to pursue a maritime injury claim, which may involve going to civil court. 

Learning more about the risks for cruise ship workers and their rights when they get hurt will assist those employees in making better decisions.