BSEE Report Following Offshore Platform Crane Accident

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its investigation report into an accident at Main Pass (MP) 42 Delta (D) on November 8, 2022.  The platform is owned and operated by Cantium LLC.  The injured worker was employed by Quality Production Management.  The accident occurred while the worker was assisting with crane operations on the platform.  The crew was attempting to offload via crane a large piece of equipment from the back deck of the Ms. Dee, an offshore vessel.

The BSEE report explains what occurred, resulting in an injury to the rigger:

As the CO lowered the transporter down to the platform deck, and with the IP holding the tag line in his left hand, the transporter suddenly swung towards the IP. The IP placed his left hand on the transporter attempting to stop the pendulum swinging motion of the transporter, but it contacted the stationary transporter on the deck. The IP’s hand was smashed between the foot of the transporter that was just taken off the field boat and the top portion of the stationary transporter.

According to witness statements, the IP lost consciousness and his condition deteriorated quickly. The IP was provided first aid and once he gained his strength, he was escorted to the helipad for evacuation. Once onshore, the IP was driven to the Plaquemine’s Medical Center in Port Sulphur, LA for medical treatment and diagnosis.

The probable causes were also identified:

Human Performance Error: Improper hand placement – The IP did not avoid a pinch point when he placed his left hand on the transporter as it was being lowered in place by the platform crane.

The incident shows the importance of insuring that all workers are experienced to perform the job task.  With less experienced offshore or maritime workers, or those who are new to a particular platform, extra training may be necessary.  Workers should undergo sufficient orientations when they board a vessel or platform.  This ensures the safety of everyone on board.  If a crane is going to be used, everyone involved in the lift must be on the same page, and understand how the lift is going to be safely conducted.  People’s lives are at stake.

Unfortunately, this is not the first incident that has occurred at the Main Pass 42 platform.  On September 21, 2021, a fire broke out at the offshore complex.

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