Fish processors face significant risks

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Maritime Law

Many people assume that maritime workers only work on seafaring vessels. However, the term also includes those who have jobs that support those workers. One career that’s classified as a maritime worker is fish processing.

Due to the nature of this work, fish processors face significant risks on the job. It’s up to their employers to do everything possible to keep these workers safe. Understanding some of the risks may help workers to remain safe and employers to find ways to avoid having injured or ill workers.

Common risks and their effects

The equipment used to process the fish can present a huge risk. These contain sharp blades, even if the person is cutting by hand. Workers can end up with lacerations that require stitches. Unfortunately, there’s also a risk of infection because of the bacteria that’s present in this environment. Anyone who suffers a cut while they’re processing fish will likely need antibiotics.

Another risk that’s present in this environment is slipping. Wet, oily floors can lead workers to fall. The risks can be mitigated by workers wearing non-slip shoes. Falls can cause a worker to hit their head, land on their back or suffer other injuries.

Fish processing is a physically demanding job, which means that workers are on their feet most of their ships. The type of work they’re doing and the repetitive movements involved in it put these workers at risk of cumulative trauma injuries.

Regardless of the type of injury a worker suffers, they need to ensure they get proper medical care. Injured maritime workers have specific rights they should know about. Having experienced legal guidance is crucial to helping ensure that they get the benefits they deserve.