BSEE Report Following Incident on Shell’s A-MARS Tension Leg Platform

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Offshore accidents, Personal Injury

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) has released its investigation report following a February 24, 2023 incident on Shell Offshore Inc.’s Mississippi Canyon 807A (Mars) is a Tension Leg Platform.  The platform is owned and operated by Shell.  At the time, the platform was performing plug and abandonment work at Mississippi Canyon Block (MC) 778.  During the incident, a worker was injured while trying to install a hydraulic line.

The BSEE report documents the sequence of events in the incident:

On 24 February 2023 at approximately 1115 hours, a Mechanic (the Injured Person (IP)) and an Electrician were attempting to install a hydraulic line on the PHM when they determined the combination wrench being used was too long to access the fitting needing to be tightened. The IP then decided to modify the combination wrench by using a manual hack saw to cut the wrench shorter in size. The wrench was then placed into a vise to stabilize it while the cut was made. As the IP cut through the final section of the wrench, the IP’s weight shifted and caused his hand to come down onto the freshly cut sharp edge of the wrench, resulting in a laceration between the ring and little finger. The IP reported to and was initially treated by the onsite medic, but it was determined further treatment was needed at an onshore medical facility.

During the investigation, BSEE learned that the injured person decided to use a different tool than initially planned. Despite a JSA having been conducted for this work, the correct tools needed to perform the job safely were never gathered by the work crew.  If the tool initially obtained was insufficient for the worker to do the task, then the job should have been stopped, until the right tool was found.  The incident shows the importance of adequate job planning and safety meetings.

BSEE determined the incident’s probable cause:

• Supervision – No or inadequate pre-job safety and operation meeting: IP did not discuss cutting the wrench with coworker or supervisor.

• Supervision – Not providing adequate tools or equipment for tasks: JSA lists “Gather tools needed for job” as step 2, but the correct tool for the job task was not obtained.

The investigation also determined that there were violations of federal regulations:

On 24 February 2023, an unsafe and unworkmanlike operation resulted in an injury. The injured person (IP) was attempting to install a hydraulic line on the pipe handling machine (PHM) when it was determined that the combination wrench being used was too long.  The IP then placed the wrench in a vise and used a manual hack saw to cut the wrench shorter. In doing so, the IP’s hand came down onto the freshly cut sharp edge, resulting in a laceration that required sutures. This incident could have been prevented had the IP acquired the right tools to complete the job task.

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